The UK’s Industrial Energy Strategy

Jain Tong, University of Southampton

The possible impact of Brexit on UK and European Energy

Antony Frogatt, Research Fellow, Chatham House

Brexit and Climate Policy

Owen Bellamy,  The Committee on Climate Change

Kazakhstan – Local Content Policy and Extracting Sector Development

The seminar was focused on the local content /capacity development issues and policies in the Republic of Kazakhstan and other resource-rich countries. It is de...

The Hendry Review of Tidal Lagoon Energy

Charles Hendry recently published his review of tidal lagoons, commissioned by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd in May 2016.  Charles has looked at how tidal lagoon...

The EU ETS : Status of Phase 4 reform and overlap with other policies

Boris Lagadinov, Head of Analysis Sandbag

The IEA’s Findings on World Energy Investment

Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist, The International Energy Agency The International Energy Agency recently released the first ever detailed analysis of investment...

Decarbonising Heat

Prof Nick Eyre, ECI , University of Oxford

Offshore wind, oil and gas opportunities

Andrew Jamieson, CEO,  Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

What do low oil prices mean for the Scottish energy sector ?

Mike Tholen,  Oil and Gas UK

Maximinsing Recovery in a Mature Petroleum Province

Prof Alex Kemp Univeristy of Aberdeen

Chemical Feedstocks Challenge

Stephen Kinder, New Business Development Manager, Shell Chemicals Stephen has 32 years of experience in the chemicals industry since joining Shell Chemicals in...
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