Resources / Energy economics

Enabling the transition: Economics & Policy, Politics & Europe

Michael Grubb, Professor of Energy and Climate Change, UCL ISR

Are Markets working? And what do we do if they don’t?

Are Markets working? And what do we do if they don’t? Alistair Buchanan, Chairman, Power and Utilities, KPMG  

Planetary Economics: when The Economist gets it wrong on energy – and why

Michael Grubb, Professor of International Energy and Climate Policy, UCL & Senior Advisor, Sustainable Energy Policy, OFGEM

Clean Energy Investment Trends

Guy Turner, Director, Head of Economics and Commodities , Bloomberg New Energy Finance

The Role of Biofuels in Transport

James Primrose, BP Biofuels There are a range of factors that impact on the effectiveness of different fuel use in transport, with liquid fuels generally being...

Clean Energy Investment Trends in 2011

Benjamin Kafri, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Global energy investment in clean energy has increased from around $52bn in 2004 to $243bn in 2010 including: tech...

Decarbonising the UK Energy Market

 Jonathan Brearley, DECC DECC’s objective is to achieve secure, low carbon, affordable electricity; whilst meeting the UK targets for renewable energy and c...

Decarbonising heat: is electricity the answer?

Michel Colombier, IDDRI An overview of the role of electricity in providing heat within the domestic sector in France, suggests that it has had a growing role ...

Economies of Scale vs the Learning Curve in the Heat Sector

Dr Gareth Davies, Poyry Tackling heat is vital to delivering a low-carbon future, given that heat production is responsible for nearly half of UK’s final ene...

Energy and Environmental Challenges in the New Global Economy

Andrew Sentance, Bank of England. Provides an analysis of recovery in terms of global economic growth following the recent financial crisis, considering the r...

Outlook for the Global Economy and Oil Demand

Christof Rühl, BP The context of global economic stability and growth are considered in relation to the US, China, Germany, Japan and the UK. The link between...

OPEC Behaviour through the Lenses of the Oil Price Cycle

Bassam Fattouh, OIES Since 1986 the year-on-year change in global oil demand has generally exceeded total non-OPEC supply, with the gap increasingly met throu...
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