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bp Energy Outlook 2023

Presentation slides from the bp Energy Outlook 2023 webinar.

Brexit and Climate Policy

Owen Bellamy,  The Committee on Climate Change

The possible impact of Brexit on UK and European Energy

Antony Frogatt, Research Fellow, Chatham House

The Hendry Review of Tidal Lagoon Energy

Charles Hendry recently published his review of tidal lagoons, commissioned by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd in May 2016.  Charles has looked at how tidal lagoon...

The EU ETS : Status of Phase 4 reform and overlap with other policies

Boris Lagadinov, Head of Analysis Sandbag

The IEA’s Findings on World Energy Investment

Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist, The International Energy Agency The International Energy Agency recently released the first ever detailed analysis of investment...

The Economics of New Nuclear

As  the controversy surrounding the building of  Hinkley Point C continues,  Dr Simon Taylor  will review the state of the new nuclear programme in the UK a...

The Customer and the Changing Energy Landscape

  In his speech, Iain Conn Centrica CEO talked about the rapidly changing energy landscape ‘a transformational moment for the energy industry, which bea...

UK Carbon Policy Post Paris

At the end of November last year, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) provided its advice to the Government on the level of the 5th carbon budget (the limit o...

Is CCS Dead and if not how can it be resuscitated?

Following the UK government’s decision to cancel its £1bn competition for carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology at the end of November the future of of...

Reducing inherent uncertainty in energy policy: can politics help?

Ed Davey, Former Secretary of State, DECC

Energy Policy After the Election

Dieter Helm, Professor of Energy  Policy,  University of Oxford. In 2015 British energy policy faces big challenges for EMR, for the capacity and feed in tar...
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