Net zero and the future of industrial energy demand

Prakash Sharma - Vice President, Scenarios and Technologies, Wood Mackenzie Ahmed Gailani - Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Future of Energy Lecture 2023

Juliet Davenport

Discussions on REMA: The potential role of Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) in GB

Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) in sharpening locational signals and incentivising supply and demand assets to locate and despatch where they can minimise wh...

Can time-of-use tariffs help unlock the flexibility potential of domestic electricity consumers?

Residential demand flexibility will be increasingly important as we transition to a more electrified system with high levels of renewable energy. As we saw on t...

Net Zero Market Design – Views from the Electricity System Operator

David Wildash, Acting Head of Markets, National Grid ESO at Policy Conference 2022

Market evolution and the whole energy system

Frances Warburton, Economic Advisory, EY at Policy Conference 2022

Implications of the global energy crisis

Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist, IEA at  Policy Conference 2022

City and “place based” approaches to energy

Merlin Hyman, CEO, Regen at Policy Conference 2022, Energy Beyond the Crises

Uncharted Waters

Richard Koszykowski, Major Energy Users' Council at Policy Conference 2022

The Future Consumer

Laura Sandys, Challenging Ideas at Policy Conference 2022

Transforming industrial clusters with CCUS and Hydrogen

Ruth Herbert, Chief Executive, Carbon Capture and Storage Association at Policy Conference 2022

Where are we now?

Gillian Cooper, Head of Energy Policy, Citizens Advice at Policy Conference 2022
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