Resources / Renewables

Fuelling our road revolution with renewable energy

  and how innovation is putting customers in control and unlocking grid flexibility Fiona Howarth, CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Data is the new fuel of the grid, where does it come from and who owns the data?

Lawrence Orsini is the founder of LO3 Energy, a groundbreaking energy and tech company working on innovative new hardware and software products within the emerg...

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System ? Good Energy

Once upon a time, there was a great storm. It was 1987 and Juliet Davenport was sat in an Oxford University library as a student, pondering climate physics. It ...

Assessment of the innovation potential and possible future costs of energy storage technologies

Mr Oliver  Schmidt, Imperial College London, United Kingdom Dr Iain Staffell, Imperial College London,United Kingdom  Dr Sheridan Few, Imperial College L...

Innovation: A key enabler? Or a distraction from action?

Jo Coleman, Director Strategy Development, ETI

Technology innovation for the future energy system

Chris Laurens, VP Future Energy Technologies, Shell

Regulation Risk and Platform Transition

Philip New, CEO, BP Alternative Energy  

Clean Energy Investment Trends

Guy Turner, Director, Head of Economics and Commodities , Bloomberg New Energy Finance

The impact of installer business models on the uptake of residential microgeneration in the UK: Evidence from a nation-wide survey

Mr Richard Hanna, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey This paper arises from a doctoral thesis comparing the impact of alternative installe...

What’s the future role of photovoltaics in the UK energy mix? A discussion of recent market and policy developments

Dr Chiara Candelise, Imperial College The introduction of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme has spurred photovoltaic (PV) sector in the UK, leading to a relative...

The Role of Biofuels in Transport

James Primrose, BP Biofuels There are a range of factors that impact on the effectiveness of different fuel use in transport, with liquid fuels generally being...

Clean Energy Investment Trends in 2011

Benjamin Kafri, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Global energy investment in clean energy has increased from around $52bn in 2004 to $243bn in 2010 including: tech...
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