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Gearing up for COP26

Pete Betts  Director for International Climate and Energy in the UK government for a decade and lead negotiator for the EU and the UK on climate shares his per...

Prospering from the Energy Revolution – Innovate UK

Innovation and transformation of the energy market is required if the UK wants to meet decarbonisation targets.  How can this be achieved from a national persp...

Innovation in the Energy Sector

Iván Castro from Social Energy, discusses how his firm is using AI to support their innovative energy supply business model.

We’re going to burn what? Hydrogen for heat in the UK

Adam Hawkes Co-Director Sustainable Gas Institute  Imperial College

Hydrogen for heat: insights from net zero analysis

Jenny Hill, Head of Buildings, Industry and Bioenergy, Committee on Climate Change

National Grid UK Winter Gas Outlook

Robert Gibson, Whole System and Gas Supply Manager National Grid

Hydrogen for Heat Shell

Michael Copson Head of Business Development Shell

Deep decarbonisation scenarios for the UK power sector

Dr. Ing Piera Patrizio, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Modelling Decarbonisation: pitfalls and potential

Alec Waterhouse, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Carbon Pricing: Where to from here? How can public opposition be overcome?

Daniel Barry,  Peak Carbon

How to make Carbon Pricing (taxes) acceptable

Maria Carvalho, South Pole Group

Expanding the World’s Natural Gas Pipeline Networks: Economics and Geopolitics

Tatiana Mitrova, SKOLKOVA Business School Expanding the World's Natural Gas Pipeline Networks: Economics and Geopolitics
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