The International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) was founded in 1977 in response to the 70′s energy crisis. We are a worldwide non-profit professional organization based in the United States, which has members in over 100 nations, who strive to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and issues among professionals interested in energy economics. We actively seek those who are interested in energy economics and those who shape opinions and prepare for events which effect the energy industry.

As our main objective we want to provide for the mutual association of persons interested in energy economics in order to create a forum for professional, multinational discussion and to provide a means of professional communication and exchange for these persons. To achieve this goal, we publish three periodicals. The Energy Journal is a quarterly, academic publication available to all members. The Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy is a semi annual publication also available to all members. Both of these publications may be purchased by non-members through our site. The IAEE Energy Forum (newsletter) delivers the latest information on the association, and contains articles that appeal to a general audience interested in the energy field.

In order to meet our association’s objectives, we also hold an International Energy Conference each year. Past meetings have taken place in cities such as Rome, Quebec, New Delhi, Budapest, Washington D.C. and Copenhagen. These conferences attract delegates and speakers from around the world, and from some of the most influential government, corporate and academic circles.

Membership of IAEE is open to anyone who has an interest in the field of energy economics. You can take out joint BIEE /IAEE membership at a discount. If you are interested in joining both organisations please refer to the membership section for more information.

The IAEE operates through a 17 member Council of elected and appointed members. Council and officer members serve in a voluntary position and are not compensated in any fashion for their services.

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