Past Council Chairs

Below is a list of BIEE Council Chairs and their affiliation at that point in time.

Year Chair Organisation
2023 Yelena Kalyuzhnova University of Reading
2022 Janet Wood New Power Magazine
2021 Vivienne Geard BEIS
2020 William Blyth Oxford Energy Associates
2019 George Day Energy Systems Catapult
2018 Adrian Gault Committee on Climate Change
2017 Paul Appleby BP plc
2016 Richard Green Imperial College
2015 Angus Gillespie Shell International
2014 Robert Gross Imperial College London
2013 Benjamin  Klooss BP plc
2012 Gareth Davies Poyry Energy Consulting
2011 Jim Watson SPRU, University of Sussex
2010 Steven Fries Shell International
2009 Catherine Mitchell University of Exeter
2008 Christof Ruehl BP plc
2007 Ann Cormack DTI
2006 Matthew Leach Imperial College London
2005 Wim Thomas Shell International
2004 Jonathan Stern Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
2003 Michael Smith BP plc
2002 Peter Pearson Imperial College London
2001 David Frowd Shell International
2000 Paul Horsnell Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
1999 Andrew Barton BP plc
1998 Gordon MacKerron NERA
1997 Alirio Parra Centre for Global Energy Studies
1996 Nick Hartley DTI
1995 Peter LE Davies Shell UK
1994 Fred Bonner CEGB
1993 Peter A Davies BP plc
1992 Peter Pearson University of Surrey
1991 David Jones Department for Energy
1990 Tony Scanlan Centre for Global Energy Studies
1989 Peter Lewis British Gas
1988 Paul Tempest Shell International
1987 Mike Parker British Coal
1986 Mike Parker British Coal
1985 Eric Price Department for Energy
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