Resources / Oil

Maximising Economic Recovery from the UKCS – are policies and practices sufficiently aligned?

Mike Tholen, Economics Director, Oil & Gas UK 

Price Cycles, Cost Control and the Crisis of Business Models

Prof Jonathan Stern, Chairman, Natural Gas Programme, OIES

EU’s Framework for 2030

Wim Thomas, Chief Energy Advisor, Shell International

Global Oil Majors: A broken business model?

Hootan Yazhari, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Oil & Gas Equity Research, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

Energy Market Outlook

Christof Ruehl  BP plc

Outlook for the Global Economy and Oil Demand

Christof Rühl, BP The context of global economic stability and growth are considered in relation to the US, China, Germany, Japan and the UK. The link between...

OPEC Behaviour through the Lenses of the Oil Price Cycle

Bassam Fattouh, OIES Since 1986 the year-on-year change in global oil demand has generally exceeded total non-OPEC supply, with the gap increasingly met throu...

Are Financial Investors Destabilising the Oil Market?

Leo Drollas. Centre for Global Energy Studies Consideration is given to what has caused the extreme volatility in oil price in the last two years and whether t...

Oil, Energy Markets and the World Economy

Christopher Allsopp, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.   Currently oil and other commodity prices, volatility, and the international financial crisis are a...

Energy White Paper 2007: Meeting the Energy Challenge

Vicky Pryce, BERR This provides a brief overview of the 2007 Energy White Paper (EWP), setting the policy and analytical context and some key highlights. The k...

Energy White Paper 2007

“Meeting the Energy Challenge”, the White Paper on Energy, was published on May 23, 2007 following several years of intense energy policy review and debate....
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