Why innovation is vital to achieving net zero

Vivid Economics is conducting the Global Innovation Needs Assessments project (GINAs). This project builds on UK’s Energy Innovation Needs Assessment (EINA) p...

The “Glide-Path” to Net Zero

Too shallow/slow and we miss our target, too deep/fast and the transition collapses

The role of interconnectors in decarbonising Great Britain’s electricity system

Electricity interconnectors are considered as key investments for enhancing the security of supply, increasing overall social welfare and helping achieve decarb...

Exploring Impact of Social Norms on Adoption of Local Generation in an Urban Environment

Urban centres around the world are increasingly focusing on developing net-zero communities. These plans rely heavily on adoption of local renewable generation ...

Achieving a net-zero carbon railway

The development of the East-West rail network across the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge arc is seen essential to contribute to the UK’s economic growth. Yet, ...

Considering the Sixth Carbon Budget as a case study for an NDC – a strategic look at COP26

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published its advice on the Sixth Carbon budget (2033-2037) last December, providing the analytical underpinning for the U...

Citizen participation: promoting or prohibiting a green recovery and just transition?

The panel discussion contributes to the theme: Consumers & energy publics: public attitudes and acceptance, social movements, workers, civil society organizatio...

Shell Energy Transformation Scenarios

Shell’s new long-horizon scenarios explore three possible pathways and implications for energy transitions and the impact on climate.

The Sixth Carbon Budget and BEIS

Alec Waterhouse, Head of Modelling, Dept for BEIS, explores possible policy and technology ideas to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

UK ETS for Net Zero Policy

Vivienne Geard,  BEIS’s Deputy Director for Carbon, Hydrogen and Industry Analysis,  on her team’s work on establishing the UK ETS and its role in decarbo...

Carbon Policy in an Net Zero World

Dr. Danial Sturge, Energy Policy Advisor at Energy Systems Catapult,  on approaches to carbon policy in decarbonising the whole economy.

The CCC’s Sixth Carbon Budget

CCC’s Chief Executive Chris Stark  explores the journey from here to Net Zero, and answers the crucial question, ‘What next?’
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