National Grid UK Gas Winter Outlook 2018-2019

Simon Durk, Market Insights Manager, National Grid

Aurora’s “Burn Out” scenario: Implications of rapid digitalisation, electrification and efficiency enhancement for global and UK gas markets

Richard Howard, Research Director, Aurora Energy Research

UK & European gas markets: taking stock and looking forward

Chi Kong Chyong, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

BP’s energy outlook and its implications for natural gas

Anne-Sophie Corbeau, Head of Gas analysis, BP

Do people matter? Can we get to a low carbon, secure and affordable system without their engagement?

Richard Hoggett, University of Exeter The energy system is entering a period of fundamental change, in respect to supply, demand and control systems, mainly dr...

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System ? Good Energy

Once upon a time, there was a great storm. It was 1987 and Juliet Davenport was sat in an Oxford University library as a student, pondering climate physics. It ...

Impact and Implications of a Consumer Driven Energy System OFGEM

The landscape for energy consumers is changing rapidly, due to new technology, demographic changes, and public pressure. Joe Perkins Chief Economist Ofgem...

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System : Implications for Policy

Nick Eyre is Professor of Energy and Climate Policy, and a Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Energy at the ECI and Oriel College. Nick is Director of the UK Ce...

Financial Markets and the S-Curve-Electric Vehicles

EV uptake in the UK is problematic and EV numbers are still tiny, leading many to be sceptical.  However, EV globally are following well-established S curves o...

Data is the new fuel of the grid, where does it come from and who owns the data?

Lawrence Orsini is the founder of LO3 Energy, a groundbreaking energy and tech company working on innovative new hardware and software products within the emerg...

‘Reshaping Regulation: normalising the energy sector’

The Reshaping Regulation report concludes that in the future the energy sector will be consumer-led, low-carbon, dynamic and resilient. To achieve this will req...

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System? – A DNO Perspective

Basil Scarsella is the Chief Executive Officer of UK Power Networks, owned by the Cheung Kong Group, which is the largest Distribution Network Operator in the U...
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