Resources / Energy policy

Security and Affordability

Prof Jim Watson , Research Director, UKERC

Opportunities and Challenges in Building a Low Carbon Economy

David Kennedy, CEO , The Committee on Climate Change .

Energy Revolutions in the Last Decade

Extract from a speech given by Rt. Hon Lord Howell of Guildford at the BIEE AGM on Ocotber 16th 2013.

An Energy Policy for the Future and Keeping the Lights on

At the BIEE AGM in October  2013  two former energy ministers, Lord Howell and Prof Charles Hendry addressed  the global and local challenges for energy poli...

Closing the Emissions Gap

Adam Whitmore,  Chief Advisor on Energy and Climate Change Policy, Rio Tinto.  Adam Whitmore considers three areas central to progress on climate policy – c...

Policy Makers versus Investors: towards an economics of radical transformation

Chris Beauman, Senior Advisor,  EBDR

Ineffective Climate Change Policies

Angus Gillespie, VP Co2 Strategy , Shell

Policy Instruments:From Why to How

John Rhys OIES

The Importance of the Demand Side

Malcolm Keay OIES

Market Failures and Failures of Intervention

Graham Shuttleworth, Director,  NERA

Border Carbon Adjustments

Adam Whitmore , Chief Advisor, Energy and Climate Change Policy, Rio Tinto

Perspectives on India

Anupama Sen  OIES Anupama Sen  describes  some important features of the approach to the climate change debate in India. The Indian narrative could be descr...
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