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The IEA’s Special Report on Energy and Climate Change

Dan Dorner,  Senior Analyst, International Energy Agency. In advance of the crucial COP21 climate meeting in Paris in December, the IEA  report responds to t...

Global Gas Trade and Outlook for LNG Markets

Chris Johnson  General Manager New Markets Europe , Shell Integrated Gase

Global Gas Production Networks: the role Liquefied Natural Gas in UK Gas Imports

Dr Gavin Bridge, Durham University A global gas market - characterised by significant inter-regional trade and price convergence - has yet to emerge. Gas flows...

No solutions, only tradeoffs?

Joan MacNaughton CB, Executive Chair of World Energy Council's Trilemma Study

An Integrating Approach to Energy-Climate Security and Policy

Prof Michael Grubb , ULC Professor Michael Grubb is a distinguished economist and academic.  His new book, Planetary Economics, attempts to define “three do...

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014

The Statistical Review provides an objective global overview of energy production, consumption, trade, reserves and prices. During 2013 the world’s energy ma...

The IEA’s World Energy Investment Outlook

Questions about the adequacy, sustainability and reliability of the future of the global energy system often boil down to questions about investment.  Will pol...

BP Energy Outlook 2035

The BP 2035 Energy  outlook  identifies long-term energy trends, building on  the BP  Statistical Review of World Energy, and then develops projections for ...

Global Gas Demand

Kai Dunker, Lead Economist, Global Gas Markets ,  BP plc

Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map

Dr Fatih Birol. Chief Economist, International Energy Agency.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013

The BP  Statistical Review of  World Energy 2012 was published  on June 12th  2013  and can be downloaded  from  the BP Website.  The statistics  show ...

Prospects for a Climate Change Agreement

Joan MacNaughton reviewed the history of international efforts to reach a climate change agreement and looked at the prospects for global agreement in the futur...
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