Questions about the adequacy, sustainability and reliability of the future of the global energy system often boil down to questions about investment.  Will policy create enough opportunities in Europe after a decade of mostly underperforming investments in the power market? Will sufficient financing be available, on suitable terms, for new wind farms to be build? What are the implications of high capital costs of LNG for Europe’s hope to diversify its gas supply? What risks for fossil fuel investments could arise as a result of stronger decarbonisation policies? And will investment be channelled towards areas that address – or exacerbate – the contribution made by the energy sector to climate change?

These are some of the questions that are addressed in a special report World Energy Outlook Seriesin the series. In this report the IEA makes a detailed assessment of current flows and future investment needs along the entire energy value chain and  examines financing options and barriers to realisation.

Download the World Energy Investment Report

Download   Citi Energy Darwinism Report

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