The IEA’s Special Report on Energy and Climate Change

Dan Dorner,  Senior Analyst, International Energy Agency.

In advance of the crucial COP21 climate meeting in Paris in December, the IEA  report responds to the key needs of decision-makers by setting out the energy sector implications of known national climate pledges, putting forward a clear, pragmatic strategy to advance climate goals through the energy sector without blunting economic growth, and identifying specific energy sector needs from a COP21 agreement in order to support the successful transition to a low-carbon energy system.

The report:

  • Presents a detailed first assessment of the energy sector impact of known and signalled national climate pledges for COP21
  • Proposes a bridging strategy to deliver a near-term peak in global greenhouse-gas emissions, based on five pragmatic measures that can advance climate goals through the energy sector without blunting economic growth
  • Highlights the urgent need to accelerate the development of emerging technologies that are, ultimately, essential to transforming the global energy system into one that is consistent with the world’s climate goals
  • Recommends four key pillars on which COP21 can build success, from an energy sector perspective

To download a copy of the report please click here

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