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The role of interconnectors in decarbonising Great Britain’s electricity system

Electricity interconnectors are considered as key investments for enhancing the security of supply, increasing overall social welfare and helping achieve decarb...

The EU ETS : Status of Phase 4 reform and overlap with other policies

Boris Lagadinov, Head of Analysis Sandbag

Climate Change Action to 2030 and Beyond

Matthew Bell , CEO, The Committee on Climate Change

Electrification of heating: the role of heat pumps

Dr Tina Fawcett, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford Russell Layberry, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford Nick Eyre, Enviro...

Is Energy Efficiency Sustainable?

Malcolm Keay, OIES This presentation looks at the links between energy efficiency and sustainability and concludes that they are much more complex than they mi...

Security and Sustainability

David Newbery, University of Cambridge 2008. What is the relationship between climate change, RD&D for low carbon investment and energy security? Security ...
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