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Clean Energy Investment Trends

Guy Turner, Director, Head of Economics and Commodities , Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Policy Issues for Financiers : EMR Update and EU

Kirsty Hamilton, Low Carbon Finance Group

Clean Energy Investment Trends

Michael Liebreich Bloomberg New Energy Finance .

Perspectives of an Energy Investor

Mathew Rose National Grid .Using National Grid as an example of a major investor in energy infrastructure, the presentation sets out the reasons for the very si...

Policy Drivers for RE Financing

Kirsty Hamilton Low Carbon Finance Group

Delivering the low carbon energy jigsaw

Peter Dodd , Director  of Stakeholder Relations, ETI . The UK  can meet its 2050 carbon target, but  crucially it must be: affordable, sustainable and sec...

Decarbonising the UK Energy Market

 Jonathan Brearley, DECC DECC’s objective is to achieve secure, low carbon, affordable electricity; whilst meeting the UK targets for renewable energy and c...

Clean Energy Investment Trends in 2011

Benjamin Kafri, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Global energy investment in clean energy has increased from around $52bn in 2004 to $243bn in 2010 including: tech...

Will EMR Work?

Rob Gross, Imperial College Based on the government’s goals for EMR, its success could be judged by how effectively the power sector is decarbonised by 2030,...

Leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Yulanda Chung, Standard Chartered Bank Sustainability and energy are important considerations in the SCB’s financing decisions, which are more widely governe...

Oil Supply Analysis from the Goldman Sachs Top230 Study

Michele Della Vigna, Goldman Sachs International The Top230 study models the largest 230 new oil and gas developments in the world to provide insight into the ...

Are Financial Investors Destabilising the Oil Market?

Leo Drollas. Centre for Global Energy Studies Consideration is given to what has caused the extreme volatility in oil price in the last two years and whether t...
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