Ann Cormack, Xynteo

An overview of Xynteo and The Global Leadership & Technology Exchange is provided. The global picture for biofuels is discussed in relation to the targets that are currently in place, with 47 countries currently having declared targets, summaries of some of these are set out including for the: UK; EU; USA; China; India; Brazil and Australia. A detailed market overview for UK biofuels is provided covering: market size; sources of biofuels; existing commitments and achievements in 2009/10; the future outlook; and possible issues. Consideration is also given to the various EU and UK Government policies covering agriculture, direct support mechanisms, capital expenditure and support for R&D. An analysis of current feedstocks for the UK and internationally is provided along with a discussion on possible future feedstocks such as advanced second and third generation biofuels. Against the context of the UK’s investment environment, the question of whether the industry has now come of age is examined; although a range of issues exist, such as: their potential to reduce GHGs; efficiency of biofuels versus electric vehicles; rural development; security of supply; competition with food crops; land area; land use change; and biodiversity.

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