Downloads / conference 2008

Fostering the development and deployment of low carbon technologies: Lessons from the Carbon Trust

Mr Florian Kern, SPRU, University of Sussex  UK policy-makers are increasingly confronting the challenge of restructuring energy systems into more sustainab...

Expanding the System: Regulation and New Transmission Capacity for Renewables Connection in the UK

Dr Bridget Woodman, University of Exeter, Cornwall campus  New transmission capacity will be needed to allow the connection of the renewables generation req...

Energy and carbon scenarios of China for the 21st Century

Dr Tao Wang, Sussex Energy Group and Tyndall Centre  China's economy has expanded rapidly during the last two decades at nearly 10% per year. This has lead ...

BERR Energy Group’s Long Term Scenarios

Ebba John, BERR

Analysis of hydrogen infrastructure development in the UK: How does the scale vary across different infrastructure options?

Dr Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan, Policy Studies Institute  Hydrogen (H2) technologies and infrastructures can play significant roles in meeting the objectives of the...

Analysing Carbon Markets as Instituted Processes of Exchange

 John Broderick, Tyndall Centre  Markets are not natural, in the sense that they are pre-existent and external to society, neither do they arise spontaneou...
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