Where Next for US Policy on CO2 and Climate Issues?

David Robinson, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and The Brattle Group

Provides an overview of recent changes to US policy on climate change. This is discussed in respect to the climate change “alliance” that exists between the EU and US. The contents, process and compromises made in trying to pass recent US climate legislation are set out, with a view that the prospects for any climate change legislation are now dim, with even a risk of pull back at a state level, such as within California. The implications for inaction both within the US and globally are discussed. In respect to coal-based power, proposals from the EPA may result in a bipartisan deal, although this will require support from the coal-based states, so a deal with the power sector will be key. If this fails it is highlighted that the US will have no legislation for two plus years and that this will hurt US green tech, trade and UNFCCC negotiations. As such it is suggested that the EU should rethink its alliances and consider closer relations with China.

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