Neil Golborne, Committee on Climate Change

The review has a number of key messages, including a recognition that current UK international shipping emissions are highly uncertain, but are likely to be in the range 12-16 MtCO2. It is suggested that there is scope for significant emissions reduction in shipping, beyond that targeted by the EEDI, but that this will require new policies. By 2050 UK international shipping emissions could account for up to 11% of allowed emissions, as such, international shipping emissions should ideally be included in the 2050 target. To enable this, the CCC propose three options for their inclusion: 1) In the 2050 target and carbon budgets now; 2) In the 2050 target and carbon budgets when progress has been made developing internationally agreed methodologies; and 3) In the 2050 target now, but in carbon budgets at a later date. The CCC is due to make a recommendation on which option should be pursued in spring 2012.

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