China’s Role in Advancing Climate Policies in the Face of a Global Recession

Antony Froggatt , Chatham House.

China plays a key role in the interactions between global energy prices, CO2 emissions and global economic output. In terms of existing policies, energy security concern is the main driver, although this can also bring environmental benefits, they include plans to: decrease energy intensity by 20% in the current five year plan; increase the deployment of renewables; plans for new nuclear generation. The next Chinese five year plan may introduce carbon intensity targets for the first time. The impact of, and response to, the economic crisis are also discussed, with a massive decrease in exports being evident, with policy seeking to encourage domestic consumption and use stimulus packages for significant infrastructure; alongside national technology developments in respect to renewables, vehicles and coal. In terms of China’s role in advancing climate policies a number of questions remain, including: the relationship between energy demand and manufacturing; how the global economic recovery may stimulate the Chinese economy, energy demand and emissions; and how these will impact upon global energy, emissions curves, and trade balances.

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