Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals: can we find an affordable solution to delivering secure sustainable energy ? - Conference Programme

 BIEE 10th Academic Conference

17-18 September 2014, St John’s College, Oxford, OX1 3JP


Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals

Can we find an affordable solution to delivering secure sustainable energy?


DAY 1 – Wednesday 17th September 2014


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Main Porters Lodge, St Johns College, St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3JP


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Graham White, Conference Chair


 Introduction and 10 Year Prize for Outstanding Contribution to British Energy Economics

Prof. Charles Hendry MP, BIEE President


First Plenary Session

Introduction and Chair:  Joel  Hanley, Editorial Director  for Global Oil Education and Training,  Platts


No solutions, only tradeoffs?

Joan MacNaughton CB, Executive Chair of World Energy Council’s Trilemma Study


Planetary Economics: when The Economist gets it wrong on energy – and why

Prof Michael Grubb, Professor of International Energy and Climate Change Policy UCL, and OFGEM


Philip New, CEO, BP Alternative Energy


Questions and Discussion




Future Research Priorities


Chair: Michael Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy, University of Warwick


Developing DECC’s Evidence Base
Dr Steven Fries, Chief Economist, DECC


Future energy research priorities: a UKERC perspective

Prof Jim Watson, Research Director, UKERC


Questions and Discussion


First Parallel Session : Global Focus

A Globalizing Gas Market

Room: Auditorium



Room : North Seminar


Global Demand Trends

Room: Prestwich

The Challenge of Carbon

Room: Larkin

Session Chair

Prof Michael Bradshaw, University of Warwick

Session Chair

Phil Grant, Partner, Baringa Partners




Session Chair

 Peter Stewart, Chief Energy Analyst, Interfax



 Session Chair

Adam Whitmore, Chief Advisor Energy and Climate Policy, Rio Tinto





Russian Gas in Asia – A Key Indicator of Russia’s Future Role in the Global Gas Industry Dr James Henderson, Oxford  Institute for Energy Studies

On the market prospects of long-term-electricity  storages

Dr Amela Ajanovic, Vienna University of Technology

Statistical techniques for exploring trends in emissions and energy consumption in developed and developing countries

Mr Robin Smale, Vivid Economics

The potential role of financial payments in incentivizing shifts in residential electricity use in the UK: Findings from a small-scale exploratory field study

Dr Peter Bradley, University of the West of England


Price discrimination and limits to arbitrage: An analysis of global LNG markets

Dr Robert Ritz, University of Cambridge & EPRG

The Effects of an Ambitious Danish Energy Policy

Professor Eirik  Amundsen, University of Bergen, Norway, University of Copenhagen/ Danish Economic Councils

How peaking of exergy efficiency may lead to rising energy demand in OECD countries and an underestimate of non-OECD energy consumption growth

Mr Paul Brockway, University of Leeds

Household demand, energy efficiency improvement and the rebound effects

Dr Mona Chitnis , University of Surrey


Tea (available 15:45 – 16:30)


Global Gas Production Networks: the role of Liquefied Natural Gas in UK Gas Imports

Dr Gavin Bridge, Durham University

Liberalisation vs. Decarbonisation: The Effects of EU Renewables and Internal Electricity Market Policies on the Evolution of Fuel mixes and market concentration rates

Dr Frederik Dahlmann, University of Warwick

Demand-Side Management Policy: Failure and Transferability Mr Peter Warren, UCL Energy Institute

Innovation in the energy sector: advancing or frustrating climate policy goals?

Dr. Matthew Hannon, Imperial College London


A New Russian Revolution: Liberalization of LNG Export Market in the Face of Shifting Global Supply

Mr Bennett Resnik, Vermont Law School

Business model for future electricity distribution networks

Mr Rahmatallah Poudineh, Durham University

Integrating the Social Cost of Power Outages
into Reliability Planning

Mr Nelson Jr Enano, IEPI, UCL Australia, and UCL London

Searching for the Green Paradox

Dr Christophe McGlade, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Modelling the Impact of Market Imperfections on Farm Household Investment in Stand-Alone Solar PV.


Professor Euan Phimister, University of Aberdeen

Financing Networks in Electricity Sector and Market Liberalisation in South-East Asia Ms Tue Anh Nguyen, University of Greenwich

Climate Policy in Crisis – The Issues

Dr John Rhys, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


Estimating Economic Values for a Sustainable Energy Supply: A case study in Northern Cyprus

Mrs Mehrshad Radmehr, Newcastle University


Global climate change mitigation: Burden sharing

Dr Gabrial Anandarajah,  UCL Energy Institute







Student Collaboration Corner

Room: Prestwich

Facilitator: Katharina Gruenberg, Economist, Shell

An opportunity for students to meet, discuss their research projects and consider future collaboration on work of common interest.


10th  Anniversary Drinks Reception


Conference Dinner – St John’s College Dining Hall

Energy Policy Goals – What game are we actually playing?

After Dinner Speaker: Ian Marchant , Chairman, The Wood Group

DAY 2 – Thursday September 18th 2014


Opening  Address: The UK and Europe


Are UK and EU Power Markets working?
Alistair Buchanan, Chairman, Power and Utilities, KPMG

Second Plenary Session: European Energy and Climate Policy

Chair: Professor Eirik S. Amundsen, University of Bergen, Norway, University of Copenhagen/ Danish Economic Councils


Wim Thomas, Chief Energy Advisor, Shell International


UK Carbon Policy in the European Context

Prof. Sam Fankhauser, Co-Director, Grantham Research Institute, LSE


Angela Knight, CEO, Energy UK


Questions and Discussions




Second Parallel Session : UK / European Focus

Pathways to Decarbonisation

 Room: Auditorium

Low Carbon Energy Policy

Room: Prestwich

Oil Gas and Liquid Fuels
Room: North Seminar

EU Carbon Policy
Room: Larkin

Session Chair

Prof Richard Green, Imperial College Business School

Session Chair

Prof Jim Watson, Research Director, UKERC

Session Chair

Ben Klooss, Finance Director, BP Exploration Function

Session Chair

Katharina Gruenberg, Economist, Shell


Financing the UK Power Sector: is the Money Available?

Dr Robert Gross, Imperial College

Transition to a Low Carbon Energy System and Energy Security- Synergies and Conflicts

Dr Bengt Johansson, FOI

North Sea Oil and Gas at a Crossroads: How Can Policy Help?

Professor Alex Kemp, University of Aberdeen

Walking alone? How the UK’s carbon targets compare with its competitors’

Ms Michal Nachmeny, Grantham Research Institute


Envisioning Smarter Power Futures: UK Smart Grid Scenarios

Dr Peter Connor, University of Exeter

The New Civic Energy  Sector: implications for ownership, governance and financing of low carbon energy infrastructure

Mr Stephen Hall, Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds

Alternative Liquid Fuels: Governance, Security and Transitions in the Inter-War Period Professor Peter J G Pearson, Cardiff University

Effects of the proposed EU ETS Market Stability Reserve

Mr Adam Whitmore, Rio Tinto


The path to 2050: how much should the preparatory phase cost?

Mr George Day, Energy Technologies Institute

Policy Instruments for the Transformation to a Low-Carbon Energy System in the UK

Mr Paul Drummond, University College London

A UK dash for ‘smart’ gas

Ms Samuela Bassi, Grantham Research Institute

Liquidity and Market efficiency: European Evidence from the World’s Largest Carbon Market

Dr Gbenga Ibikunle, University of Edinburgh


Electrification of heating: the role of heat pumps

Dr Nick Eyre, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Residential Energy Efficiency Programmes in the UK: a road map to recovery

Dr Jan Rosenow, Ricardo AEA

An Investigation into the Gas Trades across the Interconnector Pipeline between the UK and Belgium: Do Gas Flows Follow Price Spreads?

Mr Chris Cuijpers, CREG

A qualitative look at the coherence between EU energy security and climate change policies

Professor Måns Nilsson, Stockholm Environment Institute


Towards a Low-carbon Building Sector: The Influence of Skills Provision on Low-carbon Pathway Scenarios

Mrs Heinke Thies, University of Exeter

Assessing the future security of the UK electricity system in a low-carbon context Miss Emily Cox, University of Sussex

Where have all the profits gone? Activity and costs in exploration and development of oil and gas fields

Mr Gerhard Toews, University of Oxford

Low carbon jobs: the evidence for net job creation from policy support for energy efficiency and renewable energy

Mr Jamie Speirs, Imperial College London









Third Plenary Session : UK Energy Policy


Chair: Dr Robert Gross, Director, ICEPT, Imperial College


European & UK Energy – is policy plausible and where is the investment coming from?

Volker Beckers, Former Group CEO, RWE npower


Security of Supply, UK Energy Policy and the Capacity Auction

Prof. David Newbery, Director, EPRG, University of Cambridge


The UK’s 4th carbon budget is confirmed: how do we achieve it?

Adrian Gault, Acting CEO, The Committee on Climate Change


Questions and Discussion


BIEE Annual General Meeting







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