Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals: can we find an affordable solution to delivering secure sustainable energy ?

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Can we find an affordable solution to delivering secure sustainable energy ?

It is challenging times for energy policy. Global conflicts create risks for energy supplies and economic uncertainties make demand less predictable; European economies are in varying states of recovery and threats to security of supply are making the EU’s commitment to carbon reduction less certain; and in the UK the increased “politicalisation” of energy policy has led some to argue that the energy industry is now facing its biggest crisis since privatisation. What is clear is that balancing the energy policy objectives of secure supplies, reducing carbon emissions and maintaining affordability is not easy and agreement on the right balance across political parties, industry and consumers has not been reached; without such a consensus the risks to investment – and hence the achievement of all three goals of policy – are substantially increased.

The BIEE’s  10th Academic Conference, which took place on September 17th – 18th 2014 at St John’s College in Oxford, considered the difficulties of balancing these three objectives both globally and at European and UK levels.

Conference Videos

Listen to the the experts – global, European and UK specialists – share their thoughts on tackling the energy ‘Trilemma’ in our conference video interviews.  There are separate  videos on  managing the Trilemma balance , Global Risks and Challenges, European Energy Policy, UK Energy Policy,  Energy Investment, Innovation and Future Academic Research Priorities which can be found in the left hand menu bar.  A complete set of interviews can be found under  the Videos tab on this website.

Below is a compilation of  highlights from interviews conducted  with conference speakers and particpants from industry, government and academia,  including Charles Hendry, Alistair Buchanan,  Ian Marchant, Volker Beckers, Wim Thomas,  Joan MacNaughton, Prof David Newbery, Prof Michael Grubb and Prof Sam Fankhauser.

 Conference  Interview Highlights


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Conference Delegates and BIEE members  can view papers and presentations from the conference in the Downloads section of this website.


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