Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals: can we find an affordable solution to delivering secure sustainable energy ? - Conference Theme

Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals

Can we find an affordable solution to delivering secure sustainable energy ?

The 2014 two day academic conference will consider the difficulties of balancing the three main objectives of energy policy – security of supply, reducing carbon emissions and affordability – and, in particular, the cost of mitigating climate change and its impact on household and industry energy costs. Energy policy debate is increasingly focussing on incentives for low carbon technologies and the costs of their deployment. This is not just an issue for the UK but has implications for policy at both European and global levels.

No matter how fast we agree to reduce carbon emissions, fossil fuels will be needed in substantial quantities for decades to come. Uncertainties around supply (for example, for unconventional oil and gas) and demand (particularly in the emerging economies) remain important issues for policy makers.

The lack of consensus on the longer term energy policy framework, the differing views on priorities between objectives, uncertainty around EU and global climate policy, increased intervention by Government, and lack of clarity around the role of the private sector makes investment decisions more difficult. Given the investment challenge, the need for a stable, predictable and balanced energy policy is crucial.

The conference will look at global energy markets, European energy policy and finally focus in more detail on UK energy policy.

Conference Committee

Graham White, (Conference Chair)
Prof. Mike Bradshaw, Warwick Business School, (Academic Chair Day 1)
Prof. Richard Green, Imperial College,  (Academic Chair Day 2)
Steven Fries, DECC
Phil Grant, Baringa Partners
Katharina Gruenberg, Shell
Dr. Anouk Honore, OIES
Prof. Yelena Kalyuzhnova, University of Reading
Benjamin Klooss, BP plc
Peter Stewart, Interfax
Calliope Webber, Greengold
Adam Whitmore, Rio Tinto


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