Katharina Gruenberg, Shell Research Ltd

In a rapidly changing world the demand for energy seems ever increasing. Good insight into future energy demand levels of now developing countries is usually obtained from the countries that have already climbed up the so-called energy ladder based on economic drivers. Commonly acknowledged, the energy economies of the countries will vary further by geographic and demographic variables: indisputably, India, being warmer and more dispersed, will exhibit a different domestic heating and transport patterns of energy consumption than the ‘average OECD country’. The question is: How different? What will the patterns of the developing countries look like in the future and what is the impact at the world level? And what is the time frame we are talking about?

Shell is known for its interest in long-term future energy consumption, through work such as “Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050” published in 2008. This presentation will show the results of further incorporating important country-specific characteristics into our long-term outlooks for energy.

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