Abigail Bristow, Loughborough University

A range of issues for encouraging a shift towards low carbon transport are discussed. Recent trends show that many indicators are moving in the right direction in terms of passengers, freight and vehicles, but there is a need to reinforce and encourage these positive developments to continue. In part, this will require more effort to encourage behaviour change, which is necessary, but currently underplayed in policy, with a preference tending to be shown towards technology solutions. Possible costs of different measures are shown, based on a MAC curve from the Impact Assessment of the Carbon Reduction Strategy for Transport. Ultimately, it is suggested that an overarching framework is needed, whilst the public tend to support ‘pull’ measures, these tend to be less effective and instead there is a need for ‘push’ measures that provide a consistent framework for change, possibly through building support for framing measures if they are perceived to be both fair and effective. To help facilitate change there should also be support for local innovation, as well as support to help develop niche markets and new skills.

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