Dr. Fatih Birol, IEA March

Global challenges and trends in energy use, supply and carbon emissions are outlined. Headline trends include; decreasing global energy efficiency, increased spending on energy imports in the EU and a significant increase in global demand to 2035. Economic concerns have diverted attention from energy policy and limited the means of intervention. Emerging economies continue to drive global energy demand, with the Middle East and North Africa meeting most of oil demand growth to 2035. Coal was the most significant fuel from 2000-10 but a golden age for (unconventional) gas is predicted to 2035. In 2010 global fossil fuel subsidies were $409 billion and renewable energy subsidies were $66 billion. Energy poverty is widespread with 1.3 billion people with no access to electricity and 2.7 billion with no access to clean cooking facilities. Delivering modern energy for all would have significant health benefits and a positive impact on energy security and carbon emissions. Action to reduce global carbon emissions is increasingly urgent with high carbon lock in possible by 2017. There is an urgent need for bold political action.

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