Innovation and Disruption: the energy sector in transition - Conference Video Interviews

Hear some of our speakers and participants talking about what they see as the  major sources of disruption in the energy market, the key drivers of innovation, what changes we are likely to see in the future, what it means for  business and what role government can play in facilitating the energy transition.

Conference Preview


Charles Hendry Former Energy Minister

In this video Charles Hendry, BIEE President, talks about the role and importance of innovation for the UK.



James Leaton, Research Director, Carbon Tracker on the big disruptors of energy



Martin Haigh Shell Scenarios Team on oil, gas and the energy transition



Volker Beckers Chairman Albion Community Power – How will big data transform the energy market ?



David Gudgin Managing Director, Albion Community Power on community scale energy renewable generation , new business models and energy investment.



Dr Matt Hannon University of Strathclyde How much is the UK spending enough on energy RDD ( research development demonstration) and is it enough ? Does regulation support or stifle innovation ?



Volker Beckers, Chairman, Albion Community Power, talks about what private energy investors and companies need from government to drive innovation in the market.



Carina Correia Marketing Manager Limejump on grid balancing, virtual power plants aggregation and new business models



How do you support energy innovation ? Dr Matt Hannon talks about the four key elements needed for successful innovation.



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