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The BP EconomicsTeam is responsible for the preparation of the BP Statistical Review and BP 2035 Energy Outlook.

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy has become widely recognised as a key source of data in energy markets. For over 60 years, the Statistical Review Energy has provided objective and globally consistent data on world energy markets. Building on this wealth of data, the BP Energy Outlook identifies long-term energy trends, and then develops projections for world energy markets to 2035. How much more energy will the world need in the future? Are there enough energy resources to meet growing demand? What role will different forms of energy play? And which countries will produce and consume the most energy? These are the kinds of questions BP’s economics team sets out to answer in the company’s Energy Outlook publication.  BP Statistical Review



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PwC UK has a well-established energy practice, providing a wide range of services including assurance and audit, tax, consulting, deals and legal. PwC UK





ACP_logo_CMYK877_1_HIRESAlbion Community Power PLC is a power generation company developing community-scale renewable energy projects in the UK. The Company builds, owns and operates a range of renewable energy projects using proven technologies including hydroelectricity, on-shore wind, biogas and AD. The Company’s aim is to become one of the UK’s largest producers of community scale renewable energy, developing renewable energy projects capable of powering over 35,000 homes. Albion Community Power



CTI LOGO FINAL (002)The Carbon Tracker Initiative is an independent non-profit financial think tank of former City analysts, expert systems thinkers and communicators.

Carbon Tracker provides in-depth analysis on the impact of climate change on capital markets and investment in fossil fuels, mapping risk, opportunity and the route to a low carbon future. Since 2011 the think tank has been developing the ground-breaking ‘carbon bubble’ financial concept. It warns that investors risk being left with ‘stranded assets’ — investments in fossil fuels that are rendered unprofitable by global technological advances, tougher climate regulation and the switch to renewables.

Carbon Tracker argues that in order to prepare the ground for the low-carbon transition underway, capital markets need to correctly price climate risk and the ‘true’ costs of investing in fossil fuels.Carbon Tracker’s financial model investigates the implications of lower demand, price and emissions scenarios for the capital expenditure plans of the fossil fuel industry.

Their latest analyses (Lost in Transition, Oct 2015 – Danger Zone, Nov 2015) show that a business as usual model could put $2 trillion of capital expenditure on high-cost projects at risk of becoming financially stranded to 2025.


Shelllogo250x240Shell has been developing scenarios to explore the future since the early 1970s. Scenarios are stories that consider “what if?” questions. Whereas forecasts focus on probabilities, scenarios consider a range of plausible futures and how these could emerge from the realities of today. They recognise that people hold beliefs and make choices that lead to outcomes. Our scenarios team considers changes such as in the global economic environment, geopolitics, resource stresses such as water, greenhouse gases, and energy supply and demand to help business leaders make better decisions. Shell Scenarios



decc2The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) works to make sure the UK has secure, clean, affordable energy supplies and promote international action to mitigate climate change.

n 2014 DECC’s published policy paper, Developing DECC’s Evidence Base sets out, for the first time, its  priority interests for developing evidence to underpin policy development and to learn from delivering polices. It builds on DECC’s Science and Innovation Strategy (2012), by taking a multidisciplinary assessment of our medium-term evidence needs. It helps the Department identify synergies between work areas, allowing areas to join up to achieve better value for money and better outcomes in undertaking analysis or commissioning research. It also provides the basis for considering DECC’s future research and analysis priorities. It helps the Department identify synergies between work areas, allowing areas to join up to achieve better value for money and better outcomes in undertaking analysis or commissioning research. It also provides the basis for considering DECC’s future research and analysis priorities.

The document highlights DECC’s commitment to open policy making; that we will widen access to the data and modelling associated with or generated through policy delivery. In addition to improving transparency, this will help others contribute effectively to the policy debate, including by developing additional analysis or tools.

We’re keen to speak to the external research community about how your research and analysis might be directed to have maximum impact on the policy making process. Contact us via





The world’s energy markets are undergoing massive change and transformation. Successful market players stay ahead of the game – adapting their strategies, business models and operations to lead through change. Whether you’re a business leader, investor or policy maker, you can depend on Pöyry:


  • 200+ specialised management consultants located across the world with strong expertise across the entire value chain
  • Strong focus in all major European countries – 70% of Europe’s major energy players have selected Pöyry for advice
  • Deep project experience across: oil and gas, conventional generation, renewables, storage, trading, networks and retail

We are the leading advisor of choice, providing services in: strategy development and execution; Operational design and improvements; Valuation and transaction services; and Market analysis and policy advice. Poyry UK


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