Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System? - Videos

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System ?

Which types of consumer will ( or will not) engage, why, how, and in what ways: Views from Prof Jim Watson , Steve Holliday, Adrian Gault, Dr Rob Gross, Judith Ward and Janet Wood.



Smart Technologies and Services

How will smart technologies change the way people buy and use energy in the future? Views of Dr Rob Gross, Martin Crouch, Janet Wood, George Day and Ann Robinson.



Electric Vehicles

Adrian Gault,Chief Economist at the CCC on factors affecting the uptake of Electric Vehicles. Janet Wood, Editor New Power, on the implications of Electric Vehicles for the electricity sector.



Consumers and the Heat Transition

Why understanding the consumer is essential for a successful heat transition. Alex Kazaglis Prinicipal Vivid Economics, George Day, Head of Economic Strategy Energy Systems Catapult.



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