Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System? - Notes for Presenters

Registration and Attendance

If your paper/dialogue proposal/ student pitch/poster has been accepted for presentation, you  need to  register to attend the conference by June 18th 2018 . In the case of  Dialogue Session this includes  panellists . (The Committee reserves the right to withdraw a submission from the programme if the author/presenter has not registered by the agreed date). See Registration Fees for information about conference fees.  For questions regarding registration please email Sarah Jeffery  at 

A Speaker Biography document is circulated to conference delegates.  You have provided a biography with your abstract, this may be updated when you submit your paper.  Please also provide a jpeg file image of yourself via the Ex Ordo system. This must be  submitted as soon as convenient and no later than August 31st.

Paper Submission

The deadline for all submissions is August 31st.

Authors of accepted papers are required to grant the BIEE a non-exclusive license to post their abstract, paper and presentation on the BIEE website. The paper and presentation will  be viewable by BIEE members and conference delegates.  This does not preclude subsequent publication elsewhere (economics journals generally accept the pre-publication of “working paper versions” such as these).

Student ‘Short Pitch’ presenters may also submit a paper  if  wished but this is optional. The same submission deadline of August 31st applies.

Dialogue Panellists are not required to submit written papers/articles for publication but may do so if wished, provided the paper relates to the theme of the Dialogue session. Papers or articles can be submitted on an individual or group basis and must be received by August 31st.

Key information on submitting your paper

Authors will have until  Friday August  31st  2018 to submit their papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Papers should be no longer than 6000 words and should be in pdf format.

Submission of your paper should be made via the Ex Ordo system.

The pdf file should be named with your surname and the title of the paper (If the title is long please use the first line only). Please also make sure there are no spaces in the file name of your paper for example


To ensure that the correct version of your paper is included in the conference proceedings, you should only send in the final version of your paper.

Please include the following category /keyword information with your paper and presentation when you send both of these in. This is to ensure that your paper/presentation is assigned to the correct categories in our online archive.

Category options (choose any that apply)

Oil Energy Efficiency Energy Storage
Gas Energy Security Energy Distribution
Electricity and Nuclear Energy Modelling Community Energy
Energy and Environment Energy Economics Solar
Energy Consumer – Domestic Energy Finance and Investment Biofuels
Energy Consumer – Industrial Energy Policy Renewables
Energy Demand Heat Transport
Smart Energy Innovation














Keyword/tags  – Any that apply

Paper Format

As a guideline the following is suggested for paper submissions:


Overview of the topic including its background and potential significance

Methodology: how the matter was addressed and what techniques were used

Results : Key and ancillary findings

Conclusions : lessons learned, implications, next steps


Keyword set

Presentation Submission

All presenters should send in their presentation by Tuesday September 11th .

Presentations should be sent electronically to

At the conference, facilities will be available for PowerPoint presentations.

Please note that the venue uses Mac equipment.  Windows Media files embedded in slides and Window fonts will not work.  Presentations MUST be submitted as  pptx files, PDF versions will not run.

You can see the full set of guidelines here:

Speaker presentation guidelines (002)

Presentations should be less than  10 Megabyte in file size.

The final deadline for receipt of presentations is Tuesday September  11th  2018 . Presentations received before this date will be checked for compatibility with the venue’s equipment. We cannot guarantee to check presentations received after that date.

Please also ensure that the name of the PowerPoint  presentation you send us follows the same format as your paper and includes both your surname and the title of the presentation e.g. White-Modelling-the-UK-energy-system

Please ensure you  include category/keyword information as above in your email when you send in your presentation.

Presentation Timings

All parallel sessions will be 90 minutes long.


Presentation time for accepted papers in 3 paper sessions will be 20  minutes  with 10 minutes Q&A.


Each 90  Dialogue minute session  will begin with 3 to 5 panellists providing a five-minute commentary on that question (without slides). This will be followed by Q&A, discussion and debate from the floor and the session will end with a brief summing up from each of the panellists (10 mins total).

Student’ Short Pitches’

Student Short Pitches will last 3 minutes and should comprise 1 title slide and 1 presentation slide. This is a (slightly extended) version of the well-known ‘elevator pitch’, aiming to interest others in the problem you are addressing, the approach being taken (and the emerging results, for those nearing the end of their studies). Experienced academics will act as facilitators for the session and conference attendees will also be invited to attend and take part in group discussions afterwards. Students are welcome to bring posters or other materials to display in the room.

Students who are also submitting a paper should follow the same paper submission guidelines as other authors ( see above)  and submit their papers by August  31st.


Students who have been invited to present a poster should provide a poster in A1 Portrait format. The poster will be displayed throughout the conference and presenters will be required to be available at their poster at designated times during breaks.

Student members whose work has been accepted are eligible for subsidised registration fees to help you attend. Please see registration fees for more information or contact Sarah Jeffery      with any questions.



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