20 September - 21 September 2023
Worcester College, Walton Street, Oxford, UK

Energy matters for all: from global actors to active consumers - Theme and topics

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We are at a time of transformation in the energy sector, with calls for action at all scales from geopolitics to households. Mounting prices have brought energy economics to the top of the agenda for individuals, organisations and countries, while dramatic weather and high-profile events have brought climate change from the background to the foreground for decision-makers. 

What is our pathway through the transition? Can we emerge from the current crises heading for an energy system that is not only zero carbon but serves all customers better?

BIEE’s biennial Research Conference offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of current work on these issues, hear from experts and join the debate on pathways for the future.  At this pivotal time it is more important than ever that academic, business and policy experts are in close contact and the two days will offer an unrivalled opportunity to speak directly to specialists across these three groups.

Plenary sessions will look at who is acting – and who is not – on global, national, local and individual scales and at the potential scenarios for the future that we face. They will draw on the consequences of events such as the Covid lockdown, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent reshaping of the global energy industry and its end use.

In-depth papers over two days will look at themes including: energy trade and markets;  trends in demand and the response to calls for action by customers; scenarios, pathways and the just transition; global and local resources and the externalities of their use; innovation in technology, finance and policy; and new flows of energy and carbon.

We will look specifically at the experience of the winter of 2022/23 and what we have learned about responding to the threat of rising prices and blackouts.


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