Joan MacNaughton, Alstom

The global challenge is to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions and secure significant investment for generation plant. Meeting this challenge within the power sector will require a range of technology mixes as well as production efficiency and the use of CCS. For CCS, estimated costs per tonne of CO2 saved is expected to fall as the technology moves from demonstration to commercialisation, as has been seen through learning rates for other technologies. Performance is already there for a number of CCS demonstrations and the technology is expected to continue to improve, as costs fall. To enable this, a policy framework is needed, that: funds large scale demonstrations; links CCS to cap and trade systems; considers regional approaches to transport and storage; regulations; and public acceptance. A range of risks exist, including: commercial; policy and regulatory; political; and infrastructure needs. However, there is growing consensus over the need to decarbonise power by 2030, which is technologically feasible, should be based on all technology solutions and facilitated through the right policy framework.

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