18 September 2024
One Birdcage Walk, Birdcage Walk, London, UK

Delivering the energy transition: pace over perfection - Sponsorship

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The British Institute for Energy Economics (BIEE) is a unique meeting place for government, investor, business and academic interests in energy. The BIEE’s biennial policy conference is an opportunity to join these stakeholders and decisionmakers in discussing how to turn the UK’s energy goals into action. Supporting the conference as a sponsor allows you to position your company at the forefront of the low carbon transition – in technology, regulation, thought leadership, service delivery or finance – and meet key actors face to face.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for this event, please contact

Why sponsor a BIEE Conference?

  • BIEE conferences bring together a multiplicity of stakeholders including government, academia, finance and industry.
  • Thought leadership and the sharing of knowledge are the core objectives of the conference, spanning across policy objectives, regulation of the sector, infrastructure developments and capital availability.
  • Join the discussion and debate on some of the key challenges facing the sector. In this setting, policymakers, industry and academic experts and can engage with speakers and each other in conversation on the energy issues that most concern them.
  • Sponsorship offers the opportunity to align your company or brand with the broader aims of promoting a responsible, evidence-based approach to the challenges of energy policy and tackling climate change and to improve exposure and access among a unique mix of stakeholders.
  • Sponsorship provides opportunities to build relationships with the academic community, to help access the much-needed innovation, research and knowledge capital our sector demands.
  • Sponsorship supports the participation of academics, students and young professionals, who cannot normally afford to pay commercial conference rates.


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