Doing More for Gender Balance in the Energy Sector

For the first time, this year’s BIEE Research Conference included a Women in Energy Session. This new session format featured a panel of three distinguished female energy experts and leaders from academia, policy and industry who shared their personal insights on three issues: personal strategies for women’s careers in the energy sector, corporate culture promoting diversity; and opportunities and challenges for women’s career advancements in consumer-centred energy systems. It was regarded by some  delegates as the best session of all and  it really got to the heart of the key issues.



From Academia: Catherine Mitchell (Professor of Energy Policy, University of Exeter)

From Policy: Vivienne Geard (Deputy Director, Head of Heat & Business Energy Analysis at BEIS)

From Industry: Juliet Davenport (CEO & Founder of Good Energy).

The session was  kindly sponsored by Energy UK and brilliantly chaired  by Barbara Vest.

The Conference Committee members who organised the session were Dr Karoline Rogge from SPRU University of Sussex and Nazmiye Ozkan from Cranfield Business School

You can listen to a recording of the session here



Download Catherine Mitchell’s slides here



Read Catherine Mitchell’s latest blog here



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