UKERC: Energy Modelling in the UK – Decision making in government and industry

A new policy brief from UKERC completes the findings from the first iteration of the UKERC survey of UK energy models. It focuses on how energy models provide the underpinning evidence to support decision makers across policy, industry and civil society to help understand strategies and trade-offs in the energy transition.

It looks specifically at model inputs and outputs, the diversity of policy options that models aim to address, their application to policy issues, their use to support key policy and industrial decisions, the frequency of application, model ‘customers’, and academic outputs.

This is the fourth of a series of UKERC briefs, the previous briefs  explored the UK energy modelling landscape, the second brief looked at the strengths and weaknesses of UK energy models and the third brief considered the construction, maintenance and transparency of energy models. This policy brief therefore completes the findings from this first iteration of the UKERC survey of UK models.

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