The role of regulation in supporting transformative change in the energy market

Mr Martin  Crouch, Ofgem, United Kingdom

Dr Jeffrey Hardy, Ofgem, United Kingdom


The energy system is undergoing a radical transformation from one that is largely centralised and carbon-intense to one that is carbon constrained, smart, (to some extent) decentralised and flexible.


Our role as the energy system regulator is to ensure existing and future consumers’ interests are protected. But who are these future consumers and what is the energy system we are protecting their interests in?


These questions are material today and are in part the driving force for several Ofgem projects, including our work on flexibility, future of retail regulation, quicker, more efficient connections and code governance reform.


There are also potentially disruptive technologies and business models that could disrupt the market and set the energy system on a new paradigm. The recent trend on solar PV deployment is an example of this. These innovations could shape the future of the energy system. We recognised this in our Innovation Plan that we published in March 2016. It was also a key finding from our work on non-traditional business models.


We have created a new horizon scanning function to help Ofgem better understand the drivers of energy system change, their most material impacts on consumers, and the implications for regulation. This function will help set future Ofgem priorities.


This presentation will briefly cover the range of activities Ofgem is currently engaged in to support transformative change in the energy system that is in consumers’ interests. It will also provide insights into the findings from our horizon scanning work, including what we have learned from a wide range of stakeholders.


This presentation is directly relevant to the subject of the conference as it covers innovation and disruption in the energy system from the perspective of the energy regulator.

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