DECC has issued 3 consultations relating to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The 1st consultation (closing 7 December) concerns proposals for the new domestic RHI , planned for introduction in the summer of 2013. This covers technologies such as biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal – where the intention is that householders installing such technologies be paid for the heat expected to be produced. The consultation covers eligibility criteria, levels of support, assurance mechanisms and budget management. A non-domestic scheme has been running since last year, and a 2nd consultation covers proposals on expansions to the scheme, or revisions in support, for technologies including air source heat pumps, CHP and deep geothermal. Part of the consultation is also concerned with what energy efficiency requirements are appropriate for non-domestic installations. A 3rd consultation (closing 18 October) relates to air to water heat pumps and energy from waste. You can find the consultations at

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