BIEE held a meeting on UK Energy Security on November 21st at Imperial College. Two of the speakers at the meeting  Prof Catherine Mitchell  from Exeter and Prof Jim Watson UKERC have recently published a book on the subject   New Challenges in Energy Security : the UK in a Multipolar World  .

The last few years have seen Britain moving from being a net exporter to a net importer of energy. The threat of climate change has led to the slow but inexorable inclusion of environmental concerns in mainstream energy policy. Against this backdrop, economic and political power around the globe has altered, creating a complex, multipolar world. Rising concerns about the long term availability and price of oil, gas and uranium only add to the challenges facing Britain.

This  book brings together key researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including energy policy, international relations and supply chains, to explore the practical policy options in addressing energy security in Britain.

Further information is available from the publisher.  Presentations from the meeting are available in the Downloads section of this  website.

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