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June 21, 2017

Energy and Climate Seminar 3: The UK’s Industrial Energy Strategy

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Following the launch by the UK government of a Green Paper and consultation in January 2017, BEIS has been developing the key elements of the UK’s Industrial Strategy which is expected to be announced later this year. We will hear perspectives from two speakers on this area, one from the government department responsible for shaping the energy pillar and the other from an economist with experience of some of the challenges governments typically face in designing such strategies.


Simon Sharpe

Simon Sharpe, Industrial Strategy: Affordable Energy and Clean Growth, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy


Simon Sharpe is leading the work on affordable energy and clean growth in the Government’s developing Industrial Strategy. Prior to this he was Senior Private Secretary (head of office) first to Andrea Leadsom, Minister of State for Climate Change and Energy, and then to Nick Hurd, Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry. Before moving into domestic policymaking, Simon worked for ten years at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, serving on postings to China and India, and leading on climate change risk assessment, strategy and communications in the run-up to the Paris negotiations of 2015.


Jian TongDr Jian Tong, Lecturer in Economics at the University of Southampton

Jian Tong is an Economics Lecturer at the University of Southampton. His main expertise and research interests are in Industrial Economics, Technological Progress and Economic Growth, Game Theory—particularly games under uncertainty (or ambiguity). His most recent paper (coauthored with Besanko and Wu)—“Subsidizing Research Programs with ‘If’ and ‘When’ Uncertainty in the Face of Severe Informational Constraints”—is the first paper (in the literature) on optimal research subsidization under ambiguity.
Prior to his education in the UK, Jian was an Assistant Fellow (1989-1992) at the Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in research on Science and Technology Policy.

Please note this meeting will be held at BARINGA Partners Offices.

Delegates will need to sign in on at ground floor reception before taking lift upstairs to the 3rd floor.

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