May 8, 2014

Kazakhstan:Oil and Gas in the 21st Century

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BIEE  will be  running another seminar along similar lines to the succesful  International Dimensions of Russian  Oil and Gas held in June last year. This year’s seminar  will  focus on Kazakhstan Oil and Gas, as seen from the perspective of the oil and gas industry in this region.  Participants will  be able  to hear first hand  from a number of prominent industry experts about the strategies aspirations and challenges faced by local oil and gas companies,  so as to better understand their point of view.

The seminar has been organised around a series of short contributions from the speakers designed to bring out a range of  different issues  and encourage debate. This will be interspersed with plenty of opportunities for questions, discussion and networking during the  course of the morning.



10.00 Introduction
Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Director, the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, The University of Reading, UK, (Seminar Organiser)
10.05 Opening Remarks
Professor Charles Hendry, MP,  BIEE President
10.15 Overview of Contemporary Issues
Mr Laurent Ruseckas, Director Europe and Eurasia Practise, Euroasia Group
10.30 Project engineering, design, procurement and construction in Kazakhstan
Mr Andrei Kalyuzhnov, Regional Vice President Business Development, Foster Wheeler
10.45 Energy Efficiency of Kazakh Economy
Ms Anna Galtsova Principal researcher, Russian and Caspian Energy, IHS
11.00 Kazakhstan-China energy partnership
Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova
12.15 Concluding Remarks
Professor Charles Hendry,    Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova
12.30 Finish


The meeting will be held in Committee Room 9, in the House of Commons.   See Visitors Map – Palace of Westminster (2)  for location.

Committee Room 9 is based on the Committee Corridor, just off Central Lobby.

Visitors can enter through the Cromwell Green Entrance and will need to allow at least 15 minutes to pass through security there. Once through security visitors can make their way through Westminster Hall, into Central Lobby. Go straight across Central Lobby and down the corridor to another small lobby. There is a large stone staircase to the right hand side, continue all the way up that and visitors will be on the Committee Corridor.

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