June 17, 2015

Energy Seminar – International Carbon Markets

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Carbon pricing continues to develop around the world.  The last year alone has seen an expansion of the California/Quebec emissions trading scheme and the start of the South Korean scheme, with a prospective national scheme in China and a carbon tax due to be introduced in Chile.  However prices remain generally low, there is continuing concern about the EUETS, legislation has been repealed in Australia, and progress in reducing emissions globally remains too slow.  This talk will look at the state of carbon pricing around the world, what more needs to be done, and how carbon pricing fits in with other emissions reduction policies.


whitmoreAdam Whitmore , former Chief Advisor Energy and Climate Change Policy at Rio Tinto, has experience of climate change policy gained over more than two decades. During that time he has advised governments, regulators and commercial companies.

He has worked on a wide variety of topics, including carbon pricing, patterns of energy use, electricity market design, new technologies, including CCS, energy demand forecasting and network regulation.





NERA Economic Consulting

Marble Arch House
66 Seymour Street

Registration will start at  16.00 and the meeting will run from 16.30 -18.30

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