October 11, 2012

Gas Outlook Seminar: Winter 2012 and Beyond

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Global natural gas markets are in flux. Plentiful domestic shale gas is pushing the US towards self-sufficiency, contributing to greater power sector gas consumption and efforts to build LNG export facilities. Europe, meanwhile, has faced weaker gas demand and competition with Asian buyers over LNG cargoes. Yet pressure on European oil-indexed gas contracts has persisted.
This seminar examined  key near- and long-term questions. How will the balance shift in light of economic uncertainties, Japan’s nuclear outages, wide oil-gas price differentials and Middle East risks? What does this mean for the UK? What role can gas play in European power generation? Which way is policy pushing?

Global Gas Market Dynamics
Michael Smith, Lead Adviser, Trading Analytics, BP
UK Winter Gas Outlook
Peter Parsons, Forecasting Manager, National Grid
Energy policy and the future for gas in European/UK power
Audience debate with overviews on
What will the future role of gas be in the power sector ?
Lynsey Tinios, Policy Adviser, Shell
Competition or complementarity between renewables and gas?
Andrew Morris, Director, Pöyry Management Consulting

The audience debate was moderated by Martin Haigh, Energy Advisor Business Environment, Shell



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