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Senior Economic Analyst – ESO

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About the role

Great Britain’s electricity system is undergoing an ambitious, exciting and vital transformation. Together with industry, we are creating a cleaner, greener system, one that protects the planet and serves generations to come.

The Office of the Chief Economist (OCE) is an important and new capability for the NESO, critical in helping NESO to navigate the complexities of the energy transition and towards Net Zero. It does so by bringing together a whole systems view of the UK’s energy landscape and combining this with expert economic analytical capability and insight that inform the decisions, positions, advice, and recommendations that NESO makes.

By working closely with government, the regulator and industry, NESO will play a vital and central role in advising on energy policy and strategy to ensure that it is not only optimal and deliverable but that it drives effective action and delivery plans across all energy vectors and sectors of the economy.

As a Senior Economic Analyst, you will be an integral part of the Office of the Chief Economist, which sits within the multidisciplinary Strategy and Policy directorate. Your role will involve contributing to economic analysis across various areas of NESO, considering various economic welfare aspects, macroeconomic factors, economic trends, regulatory and market economics, and consumer behaviour influences. You will also contribute to articulating complex insights and analysis in a compelling, credible way and at a level of detail that is appropriate for the audience. This comprehensive approach facilitates a holistic view of the energy system and informed decision-making, providing valuable insights and analysis for an economically sound energy market transition.

This role can be based from Wokingham, Warwick or Glasgow and we continue to offer hybrid working from office and home. We are open to full time and part time applicants, as well as flexible working arrangements.

About ESO National Grid

In Summer of 2024, the ESO will transition to becoming the National Energy System Operator, or NESO for short. Previously denoted as the Future System Operator (or FSO), the new National Energy System Operator will be the independent body responsible for planning Great Britain’s electricity and gas networks and operating the electricity system.

The ESO, including all of its existing roles, will be at the heart of the new National Energy System Operator. As NESO, we will build on our existing roles, capabilities, and ways of working significantly to create an organisation the energy system and its users’ need. Our new capabilities will enable us to look across vectors, including electricity, natural gas and hydrogen, and crucially consider the trade-offs between them.

The organisation will be set up as a public corporation with its own Board of independent directors, with complete operational independence from government, the regulator and any and all commercial interest. As the ESO are today, NESO will be licenced and regulated by Ofgem through price control agreements and obligated to identify optimal solutions to system operations and planning in the most sustainable, affordable and secure way for all.

The time to deliver is now. As part of our team, you won’t just be touching the lives of almost everyone in Great Britain – you’ll be shaping the way we use and consume energy for generations to come.

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