Government Response to the CCC’s 2017 Progress Report

The Government’ reponse to the CCC’s  2017 progress report on UK Climate Change and Mitigation is  now out.

‘The Government welcomes the CCC’s 2017 Progress Report to Parliament  Meeting Carbon Budgets: Closing the Policy Gap (the ‘Report’). We acknowledge and have taken into consideration the recommendations in the Report in developing our Clean Growth Strategy , which has been published alongside this paper. This response to the CCC’s report summarises the most relevant elements of the Clean Growth Strategy, and should be considered alongside that document. Where policies and proposals are relevant to more than one of the priority areas identified by the CCC, they are included in the most relevant section. The Adaptation Sub-Committee of the CCC also published their second assessment of progress on the National Adaptation Programme in June 2017. The Government’s response to this (as required by section 37 of the Climate Change Act2008) has been published alongside this paper.’


Read the response  here 20171005_-_Progress_report_response(1)


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