Fairness and opportunity: A people-powered plan for the green transition

The final report from the Environmental  Justice Commissiont  was published in July.  ‘Putting People at the Heart of Tackling the Climate and Nature Emergency’ offers an positive vision for addressing the climate and nature crises but says this needs to be done with widespread support from across the UK and with a relentless focus on fairness.

The cross-party Environmental Justice Commission (EJC), chaired by leading figures from the Conservative, Labour and Green parties, was founded in 2019 with a mission to develop a programme to address the climate and nature crisis and to do so in a way that addresses wider economic and social unfairness.

The  new report contains a comprehensive plan for tackling the joint climate and nature emergencies, including over 100 recommendations drawn from the insights of members of the public who took part in EJC citizens’ juries events across the UK.

Key proposals in the report include:

  • The creation of a multi-year, multi-billion-pound, new ‘GreenGO’ scheme – a financial ‘one-stop shop’ that provides all households with funding and incentives to transition to green alternatives.
  • A drive towards a world-leading local public transport system that is free at the point of use by 2030, to make green travel the easy choice and reduce the need for car ownership.
  • A decisive shift in public investment in decarbonisation and the restoration of nature, with an active economic strategy, by raising public investment by circa £30 billion a year. This would create 1.7 million good jobs around the country.

Read the report here

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