Energy Retail Market Strategy for the 2020’s

 In July BEIS published their energy retail market strategy  for the 2020’s

It describes how, by setting a framework that incentivises energy companies to innovate for and engage
with their customers, BEIS will work with the market to take consumers on the journey to a net-zero energy system.

We have two high level objectives to help describe how we will deliver the strategy:

  • Objective one. There is a sustainable retail market that delivers services or products that make it easy and rewarding for consumers to engage with energy and adapt their usage to support decarbonisation.
  • Objective two. No matter how they engage in the market, all consumers should pay fair prices for their energy:
     they should be protected from paying excessive charges as we build a modern and competitive smart energy system;

     and, on an enduring basis, engagement must not be a barrier to fair outcomes or net zero, with all consumers
    supported and benefiting from competition.

Read the report here

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