Independent recommendations from the UK’s Electricity Networks Commissioner, Nick Winser, on how to accelerate the deployment of electricity transmission infrastructure.

The Electricity Networks Commissioner, Nick Winser, has set out 18 Recommendations and supported by a detailed companion report by Energy Systems Catapult finds that the delivery time for strategic transmission lines can be reduced to around seven years.

Some of the Key Recommendations are:

  • Recommendation 1 – The Future System Operator (FSO) should be established quickly and be responsible for producing a Strategic Spatial Energy Plan (SSEP).
  • Recommendation 2 – The FSO, supported by Ofgem, should urgently assess the scope for new short-term and long-term regional flexibility markets.
  • Recommendation 6 – National Policy Statements should be updated urgently and regularly thereafter.
  • Recommendation 8 – A new document Electricity Transmission Design Principles should be created.
  • Recommendation 9 – Ofgem should urgently conclude the Future Systems and Network Regulation consultation and establish a new regulatory arrangement with the Transmission Operators.
  • Recommendation 12 – The FSO and TOs should work with the Government to design and implement a focused information campaign on the need for a grid refresh.
  • Recommendation 13 – A clear and public set of guidelines for Community benefit should be established.

Read the main report: Electricity Networks Commissioner report by Nick Winser

Read the Companion Report: Electricity Networks Commissioner – Companion report by Energy Systems Catapult

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