On April  23rd DECC published  its  Energy Investment  report which  showed  the significant progress made against the energy investment challenge inherited in 2010 where energy projects accounted for nearly 60% of the UK National Infrastructure Plan (£218bn out of the £377bn).

Since 2010, investment worth more than £45 billion has been secured in electricity infrastructure alone – the majority of this investment has been in renewable technologies.

The Department’s analysis had previously identified a need for up to £110bn of electricity infrastructure investment between 2013 and 2020 and we are delighted to see nearly £14bn invested against the £110bn target in 2013 with a consequent reduction in the future estimated spend requirement – which now stands at up to £100bn through to 2020.

Since 2010 DECC has recorded investments in large scale renewable electricity totalling over £34 billion, with the potential to support around 37,000 jobs. The map on this page outlines how this is spread across the UK.

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